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Orlando LipoDissolve Therapy Injections
Kybella like product

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Non Invasive Fat Tissue Reduction

$350 /area

lipotherapy and lipodissolve ( Kybella like product) is an exciting and effective process that enzymatically reduces fat and cellulite through a course of injections. It is Kybella like product. It is a non-surgical, affordable and safe process. In fact, it has been very popular in Europe for many years and has slowly begun to spread in the US.

The procedure takes about 30 minutes and involves tiny injections of Kybella like product into the mesoderm (fat layer under the skin) where excess fat, dimple or cellulite bothers the patient. Lipodissolve, Kybella like product, starts working instantly and often results in noticeable improvement within a few days.

Most areas that contain unwanted fat can be treated, including the abdomen, arms, legs, buttocks, chin, and neck. A series of three short, 30 minute sessions gives you the results you want when it comes to fat loss and skin smoothing. We give treatments every couple of weeks and many patients report that they have lost anywhere from two to three inches from their belly and hips due to the treatment.

This procedure is without adverse side effects other than temporary itching at the injection site and bruising, which, if they occur, disappear within a couple of weeks.

The cost of this procedure is very reasonable as it is non-surgical and allows patients to return to their normal routine immediately compared to plastic surgeries. For many patients, lipotherapy and lipodissolution replace liposuction. There were cases when we saw excellent results after the second treatment.

For more information on non-surgical fat removal with Kybella,

contact us at (407) 717-4400.

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