Customized Medical Weight Loss Program

Managed by Medical Doctor every step through the process

Take a Leap to a Healthier You

Pre-Consultation is FREE (407) 717-4400

We take whole body approach to give you safest and fastest weight loss results. We use individualized combination of medications, meal and physical activity planning. Each month we add an extra layer of treatment to promote even further weight loss progress. When needed MICC with vitamin injections are given. And as a last step, when needed we offer hormone balancing injections to speed up weight loss. All we need from you is a desire to loose weight, the rest leave it up to us.

When you come to our office for an evaluation, we take a very detailed health history, family history and your dietary consumption history. 

We also take seriously your hormonal balance. If you do not have your basic hormones in balance, it would be hard for your body to loose weight. It is our job to stabilize your hormones and improve your metabolism, so everything that you do to stay healthy actually works.

Along the way of your journey to loose weight, we are making sure that you stay motivated, enthusiastic and happy !

Pre-weight loss consultations are FREE, so, CALL US and schedule your appointment to get even more details about our program and boost of motivation for your next step of getting healthy. 

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